Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Publications

Two more additions to Ithaca Night Life ( NightLfie ), NY OnLine Publications Ithaca, New York 14850 CopyRight 2004 - 2009.

Ithaca Models
Once a prospective model registers in one of our various - local free modeling registries, then they are actively promote. Here in this central website the registered models' profilio links on the site actual allows the InterNet dynamics to respond to the various web crawlers, also called spidders, to promote the models efforts to gain attention as well.

Lips Magazine
This is the only co - authorship publication effort of Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY in which students /scholars the world over are encourage to reported what they want to, rather than what may be required inorder to be published. Like a sociocultural, or guest editorialship across a wider field of interest and recent happenings affecting students scholars all over. Thus the focus is to develop a center of gravity in which each student / scholar contributor can aknowleged others of similar interests and concerns.
Moreover, there are now outstanding issues with recent trends in mix gender dorms. Many campus administration are attempting to provide consuls just in case, however, the legal issues of possible law suits prevents many from taking more of an advocate role. Thus, and with due compliances to a normal values 0f humilty never with standing the enclosed essays and other information needs to be update either on a bi - weekly or monthly basis. Facts change and more importantly, as we are a free peoples, students / scholars likewise udergoes changes from one academic year to another.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Le Moyne College Events

Wednesday, January 24, 7 p.m."Islam, Christianity, Secularity and Secularism: The Challenge since Regensburg"

Father Patrick Ryan, a Jesuit and native of New York City, became the vice president for university mission and ministry at Fordham University in New York in 2005. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1957 and did his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Fordham in English language and literature. In 1964 he began a long career as a teacher and academic administrator in West Africa, where he has spent 26 of the past 42 years. After ordination in 1968, he completed a doctorate at Harvard University in the comparative history of religion, specializing in Arabic and Islamic studies. For 15 years he taught in this area in Ghanaian universities. He also taught for briefer periods at Fordham and at the Gregorian University in Rome. From 1999-2005 he was the first president of Loyola Jesuit College, a coeducational high school in Nigeria’s federal capital, Abuja. Father Ryan has published three books and numerous articles, both scholarly and popular.
Sponsored by the Sanzone Center, the lecture will be held in Grewen Auditorium and is free and open to the public.

Friday, January 26, 2007 at 7:30 pmMusic Journeys Concert Series: JTV and the Boombox All-Stars

Dutch composer Jacob ter Veldhuis is fascinated with American culture. His series of pieces for live performers with video images and taped tracks blaring out of boomboxes explore a variety of themes -- "The Body of Your Dreams" (American health culture), "Grab It!" (life behind bars) and "Heartbreakers" (the Jerry Springer Show). Don't miss this ultimate fusion of classical and pop culture. For ticket information, call 445-4523.

Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 7:30 pmMusic Journeys Concert Series: Kathy Supové and Jenny Choi

Supové's Exploding Piano project has created an exciting new repertoire of multi-media gems. Choi's searing violin playing ranges from the classics to jazz and modern styles. Alone and together, this duo will be a feast for the eyes, ears and soul! For ticket information, call 445-4523.

Sunday, January 28, 2007 at 2:00 pmMusic Journeys Concert Series: Marya Martin and Robert Auler

Flutist Marya Martin'a master of her instrument is equaled only by her dashing and energetic stage presence. Come watch her play Billie Holiday -- in JTV's Lipstick -- as well as a witch in Gerard Beljon's Something Wicked and '12 flutes at once' in Steve Reich's Vermont Counterpoint. Oswego's piano man Robert Auler then treats us to Martin Bresnick's sumptuous setting of William Blake's poetry in Dream of the Lost Traveler -- From the Dates of Eden with video by Leslie Weinstein. For ticket information, call 445-4523.